Experience The professional appraisers affiliated with MK Appraisal Group have impressive and diverse experience in completing, managing and reviewing valuation conclusions. The firm’s appraisers are seasoned, well-rounded, intelligent valuation professionals who bring a solid track record in a wide range of valuation applications: financial reporting, tax compliance, corporate finance, restructuring’s and litigation support.

Accreditations/Associations Professionals working with MK Appraisal Group generally carry a business valuation credential or are pursuing a respected certification.

Continuing Education Our professionals maintain the latest knowledge levels required to properly opine on value:
– AICPA’s latest Practice Aids (IPR&D, Fair Value Audit, Stock-Based Compensation, etc)
– FASB Guidance (FAS-141, 142, 144, Fair Value Definitions, FAS-150, 123r, 157 etc.)
– IRS Taxation Rules & Procedures (IRC sections 409a 1060 & 338, etc)
– Business Valuation Education – understand/implement latest valuation approaches.

Independence Any conflict of interest hinders objectivity. This issue is critical as senior management and those with fiduciary duty continue to re-evaluate the way material corporate events are analyzed, reviewed, approved and communicated to the markets and stakeholders. USPAP guidance, SEC rules, Sarbanes-Oxley, recent court cases and common sense remain at the forefront during the appraisal engagement process.

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