Deconstructing a [Business-Valuation] Engagement Letter

  Deconstructing a [Business Valuation] Engagement Letter The starting point for any quality-based business-valuation assignment requires two things: The Initial Discussion, followed by The Engagement Letter The Engagement Letter defines the assignment in enough detail to serve both appraiser and client….before, during and after the engagement.  It is the Engagement Letter that outlines the work […]

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Your Business Valuation Software has CRASHED (!) {What Now?}

Your Business Valuation Software has CRASHED (!) {What Now?} Business valuation has been described (by very many) as part Art and part Science.  And while this is true enough, I find it more accurate to describe the activity of appraising businesses and business interests as “Quantitative” and “Qualitative”.  We are neither scientists, nor artists – […]

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