Company Bios

Mark S. Krickovich
Founder & Owner of MK Appraisal Group

Mark Krickovich is the founder and owner of MK Appraisal Group. Mark maintains primary responsibility for completing and reviewing a variety of appraisal engagements. In addition to setting strategy and serving clients, Mark also completes technical components of the firm’s valuation projects, conducts interviews, reviews appraiser’s work, composes appraisal reports and ensures compliance with latest guidance.

Mark has significant valuation experience, including intangible & long-term asset/liability appraisals, complex embedded derivative appraisals, “reporting unit” fair-value determinations, business segment valuation, M&A appraisal consultation, ad-valorem property tax appraisal, 409a stock-option appraisals, inter-company transfers, restricted stock valuation and other engagements; large and small. He has completed appraisals in industries such as semiconductor, Internet, software, hardware, wireless applications, telecommunications, agricultural products, consumer goods, hospitality, aerospace & defense (US DoD and foreign) and many others.

Prior to founding the firm in 2001, Mark served as an appraiser with a Portland, Oregon valuation firm focused on the appraisal of intangible assets and intellectual property. His responsibilities included valuation of intangibles (including significant in-process R&D analyses), developing technical due-diligence procedures, the training of junior appraisers, creating complex financial models, performing research, writing reports, and other tasks.

Mark has 20 years’ of finance experience in diverse finance positions, including corporate financial reporting, capital planning, corporate development, budgeting, and business valuation. Prior to issuance of FAS-141, 142 & 144 in 2001, Mark collaborated with staff members of FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) on implementing the new allocation, intangible and goodwill rules.

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree with a finance focus from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and continues to strengthen his credentials through technical courses, seminars, self-study and constant interaction with fellow business appraisers, regulators, accountants and attorneys.

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