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This annual seminar, presented by Estate Planning Council of Portland, Inc., included updates from national speakers in the areas of IRS Wealth Squad examination techniques, Washington and Oregon cases and estate-tax issues, and a general overview of recent developments affecting estate planning.
This webinar, presented by Business Valuation resources, provided an overview of how courts have weighed in on the methodologies and practices used in assessing the value of pass-through entities, like family limited partnerships and limited liability corporations, and C Corps.
This webinar, presented by Business Valuation resources, presented best practices by which to select and apply empirical data to FLP valuations.


MK Appraisal Group is located in the Portland, Oregon region and was founded by Mark Krickovich in 2000 to address the business valuation needs of small- and mid-cap publicly traded companies and private enterprises, mostly in the technology sector. I am proud to provide valuation opinions to clients locally in the Northwest, nationwide as well as internationally. 
- We are boutique - and nimble as a result!
- Our work is quality-based - never driven by volume or price!
- MKAG is a relationship-driven services firm - we honor relationships!
- Our reports are thorough and complete - they stand-up well under scrutiny! 


At a time when pricing drives so many professional services decisions, I remain focused on creating and maintaining strong relationships with my clients - and oftentimes with their advisors. We are called into relationship with one another in all things - and this drives much of what I do professionally.


MK Appraisal Group provides quality-level business appraisals of businesses, business ownership interests, debt and equity securities, intangible assets and intellectual properties, and special purpose properties. We routinely perform these valuations for the following purposes:

  • Tax & Estate Planning Valuations (IRC 2701/2702)
  • Financial Reporting “Fair Value” Opinions
    • ASC 718 (formerly FAS123R) - Stock Compensation
    • ASC 805 (FAS141R) - Business Combinations: Purchase Allocations
    • ASC 350 (FAS142) Goodwill and Other Intangibles: Impairment Testing
    • ASC 815  (FAS 133) Derivatives and Financial Instruments
  • IRC 409A Equity Stock Compensation Opinions– later-stage & pre-exit companies
  • Ad-Valorem Tax Valuation
  • Management Information and Corporate  Planning
  • Marital Dissolution Appraisals
  • Litigation Support
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Valuations & Consulting

MK Appraisal Group is a boutique, quality-based, relationship-oriented business valuation services firm. Should you wish to discuss your need for business valuation services, please phone me at 503.989.6499 or email at

  Continuing BV Education  
  Friday, February 1, 2013
One-Day Annual Estate Planning Seminar, Portland, OR

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Webinar: Pass-Through Entity Discounts for Built-in Capital Gains

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Webinar: Using Empirical Data to Value Family Limited Partnerships
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