MK Appraisal Group is located in the Portland, Oregon region and was founded by Mark Krickovich in 2000 to address the business valuation needs of small- and mid-cap publicly traded companies and private enterprises, mostly in the technology sector. I am proud to provide valuation opinions to clients locally in the Northwest, nationwide as well as internationally.
– We are boutique – and nimble as a result!
– Our work is quality-based – never driven by volume or price!
– MKAG is a relationship-driven services firm – we honor relationships!
– Our reports are thorough and complete – they stand-up well under scrutiny!


At a time when pricing drives so many professional services decisions, I remain focused on creating and maintaining strong relationships with my clients – and oftentimes with their advisors. We are called into relationship with one another in all things – and this drives much of what I do professionally.


MK Appraisal Group provides quality-level business appraisals of businesses, business ownership interests, debt and equity securities, intangible assets and intellectual properties, and special purpose properties. We routinely perform these valuations for the following purposes:

  • Tax & Estate Planning Valuations (IRC 2701/2702)
  • Financial Reporting “Fair Value” Opinions
    • ASC 718 (formerly FAS123R) – Stock Compensation
    • ASC 805 (FAS141R) – Business Combinations: Purchase Allocations
    • ASC 350 (FAS142) Goodwill and Other Intangibles: Impairment Testing
    • ASC 815 (FAS 133) Derivatives and Financial Instruments
    • IRC 409A Equity Stock Compensation Opinions– later-stage & pre-exit companies
  • Ad-Valorem Tax Valuation
  • Management Information and Corporate Planning
  • Marital Dissolution Appraisals
  • Litigation Support
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Valuations & Consulting

MK Appraisal Group is a boutique, quality-based, relationship-oriented business valuation services firm. Should you wish to discuss your need for business valuation services, please phone me at 503.989.6499 or email at mark@mkappraisalgroup.com.

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